"If we were all like angels, the world would be a heavenly place." Author Unknown

Gladys Ellen is one of Rhode Island's most credible and authentic spiritual intuitives. A triple Cancer, she is compassionate, sensitive, highly intuitive, psychically aware, and dedicates her life to nurturing others. She is ruled by the Moon---the Great Mother of the heavens in ancient times.

In November of 2013, she took her own spiritual journey to the next level and is proud to call herself one of Tony Robbins' Firewalkers. She is the Owner of Heavenly Hugs and manages this very special meeting place where one can re-connect, re-energize, learn, grow, raise the spiritual Love vibration, and Be with others in a supportive environment. Empowerment, support and inspiration are her core values.

You can find her short story published in Doreen Virtue's book "The Miracles of Archangel Michael".

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the Holistic center

A healthy spiritual practice, or perspective, teaches us that there is something greater than ourselves. The essence of the spiritual life is to stay connected to that sacred place within, the spiritual Heart. This place holds the memory of wholeness, peace and balance, no matter how far our hearts or minds may be pulled. Gladys takes a whole-istic approach to Wellness ------> The Next Frontier in Healthcare. She believes in empowering you to say YES to life and is happy to assist you on your journey.

Heavenly Hugs is a full time, private practice open for scheduled training programs, evening workshops, and private readings by appointment only.
It is a holistic healing center for every Body, Mind and Free Spirit. The training programs are designed to teach students hands-on energy healing modalities, professional business practices, and assist those seeking personal development and spiritual awareness.

Spiritual Services and Training Programs are designed to help foster inner peace and spiritual growth in your everyday life.

Heavenly Hugs is a 1,200 square foot space located in Warwick, Rhode Island.
The center overlooks the Posnegansett Pond on Warwick Avenue. Heavenly Hugs has been located on Warwick Avenue for over 6 years. There is plenty of off-street parking in front of the building and is on the bus route.

Come Relax, Renew, and Energize!!!

What Clients are saying

"Hi Gladys, I want to send you my heartfelt appreciation for our session yesterday. I didn't realize until I got home how much time you'd spent talking with and listening to me. I drove home a different person. I felt unlimited, I felt expansive, I truly felt like ANYTHING was possible. When I do my morning meditation now I know the feelings to invite in because now they are familiar. There are not words enough to thank you for your gentle but powerful offering of this energy. You have a generous and loving spirit and I feel blessed to have met you. Have a wonderful weekend." A.S.

"Hi Gladys! I have been wanting to get back to you since the session I had with you amongst a group of my coworkers and good friends. You had mentioned something in my reading about feeling a very strong baby girl energy around me and I had let you know I had a little boy, but no girls yet. Needless to say I found out about a week ago that I am 5 months pregnant with none other then a baby girl!!! Amazing!! Your words and some other feelings I was having had lead me to take a home pregnancy test which lead to me needing an ultrasound due to the results. You are wonderful at what you do and even though I left there still a little skeptical I am now fully a true beleiver in your craft! I am going to try to be in contact in the future and get another group.together for a session as I have a few friends very interested in speaking with the real thing.
Thanks again

"Hi Gladys, Well I've been getting messages in my head after asking my Angel guides for help with my job & house change. I kept getting a message in my head to call the female realtor I know and trust. Within a few days everything happened to get the ball rolling. And now the process is beginning. I'm excited about the possibilities and have no fear that my Angels will support this process and send me the perfect place. Thank you for teaching me how to listen to my angels. I've even gotten better at using my Angel cards when I need guidance. The answers that I have been getting over the past couple of weeks to certain situations has been very clear. Not muddy like they use to be. My positive thoughts are manifesting the blessings that are about to take place in my life. Hopefully it will spill over so other family & friends can benefit. Just wanted to share and tell you I am grateful for the Angels allowing us to cross paths a few years back.
Take Care

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